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The Humphrey Lyttelton Band concert on 17 March 2018 brought to a close 20 years of Pinner Jazz in Pinner Parish Church.

We're delighted to say that it is not the end of jazz concerts, because the new Music in Pinner Series will comprise a mixture of classical and jazz.

Visit the Music in Pinner site for more details.

2008/09 Season

All programme notes prepared by Peter Vacher

Pinner Jazz

The Tommy Whittle Allstars (aka Pizza Express Allstars) with Barbara Jay

Saturday 4th October 2008

Tenor-saxophonist Tommy Whittle, the Dorian Grey of jazz, returns to Pinner with his customary all-star group.

Pinner Jazz

Ray Gelato Swing Quintet

Saturday 8th November 2008

We’ve been trying to pin down tenor-saxophonist Ray Gelato for years.

Pinner Jazz

Andy Cooper Top Eight

Saturday 6th December 2008

Is smile-on-your-face Dixieland to your taste? Then look no further than Andy Cooper’s Top Eight.

Pinner Jazz

Scott Hamilton – Alan Barnes Quintet

Saturday 10th January 2009

What better way to start the New Year than with two of our most popular guests, namely the saxophonists Scott Hamilton and Alan Barnes?

Pinner Jazz

Bob Wilber Quartet

Saturday 7th February 2009

Now, here’s a Pinner coup! Soprano saxophonist and clarinettist Bob Wilber is a true giant of jazz, an American who shares his time between homes in the US and in the Cotswolds.

Pinner Jazz

Matt Wates Sextet

Saturday 7th March 2009

Alto-saxophonist Matt Wates seems to have achieved the impossible.

Pinner Jazz

Dave Newton Trio

Saturday 4th April 2009

If ever there was a case of responding to public demand, this is it!

I wish to thank the many people who have made 20 years of Pinner Jazz possible - the organising committee and helpers, people who have provided interval refreshments, sound system operators, people who have prepared publicity posters and put advertising boards round about, people who have run the website and arranged publicity, the huge number of musicians who have played here over the years, and above all the audiences who have supported us so loyally.

With good wishes

Stuart Nattrass - chairman of Pinner Jazz organising committee

Pinner Jazz

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