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In the autumn of 1998, we started a short series of jazz concerts in church, with encouragement from our then vicar, David Tuck. Various musicians played for us, amongst them Humphrey Lyttelton and Martin Klute. We did not expect that annual jazz seasons would be going from strength to strength in Pinner Parish Church so many years later! Welcome...

2007/08 Season

All programme notes prepared by Peter Vacher

Pinner Jazz

Bobby Wellins Quartet

Saturday 29th September 2007

Veteran tenor-saxophonist Bobby Wellins possesses one of the most distinctive sounds in all of jazz.

Pinner Jazz

Marty Grosz and Ken Peplowski

Saturday 20th October 2007

These two American artists embody the jazz tradition in the best possible way.

Pinner Jazz

Georgie Fame and Sons

Saturday 17th November 2007

The ultimate family firm.

Pinner Jazz

Alan Barnes Magnificent Seven

Saturday 8th December 2007

How’s this for a line-up?

Pinner Jazz

Scott Hamilton Quartet

Saturday 12th January 2008

It’s not true that Scott has his own locker in our vestry, it just seems like that.

Pinner Jazz

The Big Chris Barber Band

Saturday 16th February 2008

We’ve been trying for years to fix a date with Barber’s office for Chris and his band to play for us. Now, finally, they’re here, and in numbers.

Pinner Jazz

Frank Griffith Nonet with Trudy Kerr

Saturday 15th March 2008

Two down on Barber’s bunch, the Nonet is back again but with the added bonus of Trudy Kerr’s silky vocal skills.

Pinner Jazz

Digby Fairweather and His Half Dozen

Saturday 12th April 2008

Digby’s Half-Dozen ticks every box. They swing, they entertain, they sing, they play great mainstream jazz. What’s left to do?

We hope you are as excited at the prospect of another season of Jazz in Pinner as we are.

Please spread the word.

Booking opens at 9am on August 12th

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Booking opens at 9am on August 12th.




Pinner Jazz

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